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H T  B R I D A L

At Wedding Site

Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

Bride's Hair & Makeup  $350

Bridal Party & Hair & Makeup  $175

Wedding Day Makeup Only

Bride's Makeup $200

Bridal Party Makeup $100

Wedding Day Hair Only

Bride's Hair $200

Bridal Party Hair Only $100

At the Salon

Wedding Day Hair & Makeup

Bride's Hair & Makeup Trial $160

Bride's Hair & Makeup $300

Bridal Party Hair & Makeup $150

Wedding Day Makeup Only

Bride's Makeup Trial $90

Bride's Makeup $150

Bridal Party Makeup $85

Wedding Day Hair Only

Bride's Hair Trial $90

Bride's Hair $150

Bridal Party Hair $85

Eyelash Application Only (Without Lashes) $15

Eyelash Application (With Lashes) $25

*Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Mother of Bride, Mother of Groom are considered as a part of the Bridal Party. Transportation and parking fees may apply.



Image by Tim Mossholder
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